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WordPress is not just for Web Developers, It is for Everyone, which makes it the most popular CMS in the world.

BrainKlick Technologies provides the Best WordPress Training in Ahmedabad. WordPress is an open source platform that was created using PHP. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS available in the market and millions of websites run on wordpress platform. World’s most successful bloggers run their sites using WordPress. There is a huge demand for PHP developers who are familiar with WordPress. Anyone who is not good at programming, but interested in Web development can learn WordPress and develop their own websites.

We ensure our training will enhance the industry value of the candidate in the occupation of web development who will be prepared to face the real world challenges on the globe of web industry. Being one of the prominent WordPress training institutes in Ahmedabad we provide intensive and dedicated training on the core aspects of web development.

For more details on Wordpress Training in Ahmedabad do contact us on info@brainklick.com or call us at 78787-93930

Wordpress Course Content

  •   WordPress(WP) Basic
  •   Wordpress Architecture
  •   Getting to know the WordPress file structure
  •   Use of Wordpress for Blogging and custom site
  •   Use of Wordpress for Blogging and custom site
  •   Wordpress Installation and Settings
  •   Wordpress upgradation
  •   Using Wordpress as dashboard
  •   Overview of admin panel view
  •   General settings
  •   Permalink Structure
  •   Reading settings
  •   Creating categories for posts
  •   Creating post under categories
  •   Creating multiple pages
  •   Assigning tags for posts
  •   Links management
  •   Image Management within posts
  •   Adding a contact form
  •   Adding a custom loop for featured content
  •   Creating admin user
  •   Managing different user
  •   Defining roles for users
  •   Installing themes from library
  •   Customizing themes and Modifying an existing theme
  •   Customizing menus with in themes
  •   Installing plugins from directory
  •   Managing Plugins and Themes
  •   Importing and Exporting the completed site and database
  •   Create Dynamic website in wordpress step by step