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Professional CodeIgniter Training Center in Ahmedabad

BrainKlick Technologies is an advanced IT Training Center in Ahmedabad, India. We provide effectual training courses to students from any discipline with the ability to learn and explore their expertise. We also provide trustworthy outsourcing and recruitment services. CodeIgniter is a open source PHP web application framework which is used to quickly build PHP applications without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. In this CodeIgniter Course, we will be covering all the tools and techniques that a PHP developer needs to wrap the things quicker than usual. Our Real time trainers will demonstrate how to install the framework, records in the database, add functionality using libraries, and finally show how to save your time using quick short cuts.

Main Codeigniter Content

  •    Introduction to PHP & Codeigniter
  •    PHP 7- OOPs
  •    MySQLi Database
  •    MVC Framework
  •    Installing Codeigniter
  •    Configuration
  •    Basic Architecture
  •    File Sturcture
  •    Working with Model
  •    Working with Views
  •    Working with Controller
  •    Handling Helper Classes
  •    Working with Library
  •    Defining Custom Library
  •    Data & File Uploading
  •    Error Handling
  •    Working with Session & Cookies
  •    Form Validation
  •    Adding Bootstrap & AJAX
  •    Flashing Data
  •    Email Sending
  •    Data Benchmark
  •    Page Redirection

Advanced Concepts

  •    Third Party Configuration
  •    Advanced Codeginiter Configuration
  •    Advanced Routing
  •    URI Segment Management
  •    Authenticated Security

Advantages of BrainKlick Technologies Training Programs.

  •    Courses at BrainKlick Technologies are designed by highly qualified and expirenced Skilled Professional in respected Field.
  •    One to One session.
  •    Live Project Exposure.
  •    Headed by Senior Developers.
  •    Certificate On Completion.
  •    Hand on Practicals & Project.
  •    Free Live Demo.