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Mobile Ad Hoc Network Training Ahmedabad

The rapid evolution in the field of mobile computing is driving a new alternative way for mobile communication, in which mobile devices form a self-creating, self-organising and self-administering wireless network, called a mobile ad hoc network. Mobile Ad Hoc networks includes to be one of the raised area of domains that BRAINKLICK offers to work on projects with.

Its intrinsic flexibility, lack of infrastructure, ease of deployment, auto-configuration, low cost and potential applications make it an essential part of future pervasive computing environments. As a consequence, the seamless integration of mobile ad hoc networks with other wireless networks and fixed infrastructures will be an essential part of the evolution towards future fourth generation communication networks.


  •    Self-Organizing Network Architectures and Protocols
  •    Mobility Management and Mobility Models
  •    MAC Issues in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
  •    Proactive Routing Protocols in MANET
  •    Reactive Routing Protocols in MANET
  •    Location Aware (Geographic) Routing Protocols
  •    Opportunistic Routing in MANET
  •    Multicast Routing Protocols
  •    Multipath Routing in MANET
  •    Bio-Inspired Routing in MANET
  •    Load Balanced Routing in MANET
  •    Link Breakage Prediction Based Routing Protocols
  •    Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •    Reducing Routing Overhead in MANET
  •    Transport Control Protocol (TCP) Issues in MANET
  •    Congestion Control Techniques in MANET Routing
  •    Quality Of Service Support in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •    Security Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •   Trust And Reputation Based Approaches in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •    Defense Mechanism Against Stealthy Attack in Wireless Ad Hoc Network
  •    Defense Mechanism Against Black-Hole And Gray-Hole Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •    Intrusion Detection Mechanisms in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
  •    Defense Mechanism Against Data Flooding Attacks
  •    Defense Mechanism Against Wormhole Attack
  •    Selfish Node Detection
  •    Leader Election for Intrusion Detection Systems
  •    Secure Routing
  •    Privacy Preserving Routing
  •    Clustering in MANET
  •    Data Access Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •    Cache Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  •    Cooperative Transmissions in MANET
  •    Cyclic MANET (CMANET)
  •    Position Update or Beaconing Schemes
  •    Anonymous Routing in MANET
  •    Secure and QoS Routing in MANET
  •    And many more...