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MATLAB Training Ahmedabad

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a powerful computer software application program for solving engineering problems. It is applicable for all engineering disciplines and many natural sciences as well. MATLAB is rich with many functions that are provided to solve engineering problems. MATLAB has been updated and extended to cover essentially all the engineering fields. By learning how to use MATLAB and having access to MATLAB, you will be able to use this software through out your engineering education and most likely in your professional career.

MATLAB or (Matrix Laboratory) is a high performance fourth generation programming language which is used for technical computing. It provides multi paradigm numerical computing environment and was developed by Math Works. It is used for integrating computation, visualization and programming so that the programming environment becomes easy to use. MATLAB Training is used for several important purposes. Some of them are:

  •   It’s used for symbolic computation.
  •   Understand the MATLAB Desktop, Command window and the Graph Window.
  •   Be able to do simple and complex calculation using MATLAB.
  •   Be able to carry out numerical computations and analyses.
  •   Ensure you can competently use the MATLAB programming environment.
  •   Used for developing algorithm.
  •   Provides application of scientific and engineering graphics.
  •   Analysis of data, visualization, and exploration is conducted.
  •   Can be used for designing Graphical User Interface
  •   Used for Technical computation.

MATLAB Course Content

  •    Introduction to Matlab
  •    MATLAB Environment
  •    Built In MATLAB Functions
  •    Manipulating MATLAB Matrices
  •    Arrays
  •    Functions and Files
  •    Programming Techniques
  •    Plotting
  •   User-Defined Functions
  •    User-Controlled Input and Output
  •    Logical Functions and Control Structures
  •    Matrix Algebra
  •    Linear Algebriac Equations
  •    Probability and Statistics
  •    Symbolic processing with Matlab
  •    Digital Signal Processing using Matlab
  •   Physical Modelling
  •    Image processing
  •    Implementing Genetic Algorithms in Matlab
  •    Thesis/Dissertation Guidance